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Construction Completeness and Operations Readiness Criteria

  • Chuck Claver
  • Amanda Bauer
  • Keith Bechtol
  • Eric Bellm
  • Robert Blum
  • Jim Bosch
  • Andy Clements
  • Andrew Connolly
  • Leanne Guy
  • Željko Ivezić
  • Robert Lupton
  • Steve Ritz
  • William O’Mullane
  • Sandrine Thomas


This document collects together the elements that constitute the criteria for completeness of the Rubin Observatory MREFC Construction Project, DOE Rubin Observatory Commissioning, and the readiness for Rubin Observatory operations to conduct the 10–year Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST).

This is a living document and will be modified and refined as required throughout the remainder of the combined NSF – DOE Rubin Construction project.

In addition to this document and references therein, the completion of the Rubin Observatory Project will be evaluated based on the LSST Project Execution Plan (LPM-54), the Commissioning Execution Plan (LSE-390) and the Cooperative Services Agreement (CSA) between AURA and NSF. The completeness evaluation will be done through a joint NSF and DOE Operations Readiness Review having two parts: 1) A review of the construction Project’s meeting its requirements as outline in this document and 2) a review of the Rubin Operations team’s readiness to begin the 10-year Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST). This review and criteria outlined in this document are consistent with the requirements in the NSF’s Major Facilities Guide (NSF-19-68) Sections Close–out Process,, 4.4System Integration, Testing and Acceptance and 4.5Documentation Requirements.